The Supermoon and Solar Eclipse

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Today, we will experience a rare overlap of celestial events: the Supermoon (also known as the Perigee Moon), the Solar Eclipse and the Spring Equinox. The frequency of celestial events such as the Blood Moons, the Supermoon and eclipses has increased significantly in the past decade. These recurrent phenomena have been foretold as one of the many signs of the End Times by Celestial Scriptures.

As we enter a new phase, it is important to recognise the divine signs and the many benefits they can offer us. To help humanity in the difficult times to come, God has manifested faces of the Awaited Ones on the Moon.

the supermoon tb

With the Supermoon fast approaching, we urge our readers to take the opportunity to investigate, test and recognise the images of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ on the Moon.

Messiah Foundation International
A non-religious organisation aiming to raise awareness of the spiritual sciences, the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ and the advent of the Awaited One.

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