Our Mission

We are out to change the world.

It is our topmost priority to give humanity the message of hope. We raise awareness of the arrival of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, the return of Lord Jesus Christ and the manifestation of the miraculous Divine Signs. Though Lord Jesus Christ is known to the world as the Christian Lord and Saviour, Messiah Foundation International draws attention to the universal role of Lord Jesus Christ in the future.


urnished with the extraordinary spiritual doctrine of Lord Ra Riaz, we aim to elevate mankind beyond worldly differences and unite them with the power of divine love. Our goal is to bring about a worldwide spiritual revolution.

The Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love transcends all religious and cultural boundaries. It unites hearts. Lord Ra Riaz does not discriminate based on religion, race, nationality, caste or creed – and neither do we. Without exception, all those who want to acquire divine love are worthy of respect in our eyes.

Today, hatred prevails. Love is nowhere to be seen. Religions have lost their glory; the Celestial Books have been modified, worship-places have been politicised and the religions have been commercialised. Humanity has shunned the quest to find divinity. Terrorism, extremism and fanaticism hold us hostage. Many are lost in the wilderness of materialism and carnal desires. In recent years, there has been sharp spike in all sorts of crimes against humanity. The moral decline of mankind has had devastating effects. In short, we have lost hope.

That is where Messiah Foundation International comes in. We are motivated to take this message of divine love and tolerance to all four corners of the globe. We understand the need for negativity to be wiped out from within every human being to achieve harmony and peace – and we have the practical solution. With the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love, the seed of love is implanted in the hearts of aspirants; this begins the process of rooting out vices from the inner being. Through this divine methodology, anyone can obtain practical inner bliss. A peaceful society is sure to follow!

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