Spiritual Healing: An Introduction

What it is and how it works.

As we get ill, we see a doctor. We take the prescribed medicine and our health is restored. The medicine enters the bloodstream and provides the cure to the affected organs. But there are some incurable illnesses also and the medical science hasn’t been able to find a cure for them.


od created different herbs and fruits. Each one of them possesses a different kind of energy. Most of these fruits have the shape of an organ in the human body. Mangos are shaped like the kidney. Apples are shaped like the heart. They say, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Papayas are shaped like the stomach; papayas have enzymes that can heal a stomach disorder. Similarly, there are millions of herbs that possess healing effects and cures for many diseases and illnesses. Traditional and modern sciences have both found many herbs and fruits that restore health. However, there are still many types of diseases that the traditional and modern sciences have not found a cure for. This is because they couldn’t discover the related herbs that God had designated for the cure of certain diseases. The good news is that spiritual healing can cure the incurable also, because it is done through mystical means in which God’s light is the medicine.

Each organ in the human body possesses a specified kind of energy. When it is lost, the affected organ either stops working or its functions slow down. The spiritual healer, through his own heart, sends divine energy to the patient to replace the lost energy. This is how spiritual healing is carried out. God’s light serves like a medicine which has the cure for all diseases.

Spiritual Healing of the Souls

Most people are mindful of the health of their body, but they still feel emptiness in their lives. They have millions of dollars, live in expensive homes, yet they still don’t have peace of mind. All forms of luxury fail to provide them with inner peace.

We need to understand that our body is not our reality. The very essence of our being is our soul. Our bodies did not exist before our birth in this world and neither will they exist after our demise. We lose peace of mind when our souls become sick. We follow a strict rule of a regular diet for our body, otherwise the body will become weak and one day this weakness will result in our demise. Similarly, our souls also need a regular spiritual diet. The diet of the souls is divine energy.

When we rub two stones together, it generates a spark. Two clouds strike against each other and lightening is generated. Similarly, when the name of God beats within the throbs of the heart, divine energy is generated. Divine energy is known as God’s Light in mystical terminology. Mingling of the name of God within the heart-throbs is known as the Openingof the Spiritual Heart. This is pure, mystical doctrine. Through this knowledge, one not only obtains physical and spiritual health, but one also manages to get connected with God.

Learn to Become a Spiritual Healer

A spiritual healer’s powers can restore the health of many. This is because his spirits and souls are enlightened and powerful. If the spiritual healer’s energy can heal you, why can’t your souls heal you? Your souls can’t heal you because you didn’t illumine them. You may also learn to make your spirits and souls powerful. Get your heart and soul enlightened and energised with the Mystical Doctrine of Lord Ra Riaz. Once your souls are enlightened, you are connected with God. Now you are ready to serve and heal humanity as well with these spiritual powers.

In order to obtain free spiritual healing from one of our spiritual healers, contact us. You can alternatively receive spiritual healing from the miraculous images of Lord Ra Riaz or Lord Jesus Christ.

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