The Secretive Reality of Lord Jesus Christ

A Divine Being in His own right!

Lord Jesus Christ

The practising Christians know Jesus Christ as the Son of God who embraced death for the salvation of His followers. Unfortunately, common folk from among the non-practising Christians do not recognise Jesus Christ more than merely a healer who came to Earth 2,000 years ago, who is now dead, and who shall not return.


essiah Foundation International is pleased to introduce the Esoteric Person of Lord Jesus Christ. His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi reveals that the origin of Jesus Christ is that of the Unseen World wherein He owns His very own kingdom; His Esoteric Person is no lesser than a God. The presence of the Holy Spirit in Him denotes His status as of being the Son of God. His main soul is not a human soul; rather, He comes from the Unseen World from among the members of God’s Community. He is one of the 35 million Gods who dwell in the Unseen World.

His Divine Eminence reveals that Jesus Christ, being a member of God’s Community, is able to transport any human being to His Kingdom in the Unseen World. The spiritual transfiguration takes place before the transportation of the soul. Jesus Christ places a reflection of His Esoteric Being inside the aspirant. Through the infusion of the souls, the aspirant loses his identity and takes a new form that neither resembles Lord Jesus Christ nor himself.

The Secretive Kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ

‘Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus Christ is God’s only begotten Son. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father (God).’

These sentences are commonly heard in the Churches and spoken in Christian religious circles. We know for a fact that Lord Jesus Christ promises us a place that no ears have ever heard of, no mind has ever conceived of, and no eyes have ever seen.

Where is this secretive kingdom? Is it the paradise? If it were paradise, then why did Lord Jesus Christ say that it was a place no ears had ever heard of, no eyes had ever seen, and no mind had ever conceived? Before the arrival of Lord Jesus Christ in the world, the concept of paradise had indeed been conceived in the minds of humanity and heard of; some of those who had already died would have entered paradise and therefore the paradise had also been seen. Is it possible that the secretive kingdom Lord Jesus Christ speaks of is an exclusive realm or a world of His own?

Note: Lord Jesus Christ ascended to the higher realms some 2,000 years ago. No true image has been available because there were no cameras at that time. The available images are made by artists following the descriptions found in the Bible. Some of these images depict Lord Jesus Christ as a blonde, implying Him to be from a European background; whereas history tells us that Lord Jesus Christ comes from the Asian region. The image of Lord Jesus Christ featured in this article appeared miraculously to pilgrims in Jerusalem in 1997. Learn more about it here.

The question arises: upon Lord Jesus Christ’s arrival, how will we recognise Him? Most Christians today have adopted a materialistic lifestyle and have either ignored the mystical knowledge or simply do not have access to the spiritual system. Thus, the majority of them do not have spiritual connection to Lord Jesus Christ. With the help of the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love introduced by Messiah Foundation International, many are now able to reconnect with Lord Jesus Christ and obtain true inner baptism.

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