What is The Reality of a Human Being?

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If you find yourself, you will never find yourself in one piece.

A human being is a combination of different types of existence. If you want to talk about a car and you ask me, ‘What is the reality of a car?’ Then I would sum it up as one particular item, a car cannot be explained because it is a complex item. Steering wheel, engine, body and then car seats- all these different ingredients make up a car. In a similar way, a human being is a compound existence, if you just remove the human soul from the body and without the auxiliary spirits which have been contained by God in the body and you call that human souls a human, that would be completely wrong.  

Your soul in nature is the same as angels, you become a human being when other auxiliary souls are contained in your body along with the darkness of your Lower Self (ego) only if the Lower Self (Latifa-e-Nafs) is not placed in your body, you will not be able to qualify to be known as a human being. Now in particular, if you ask me where do you exist as a human being without the material of the body? Nowhere, because you are a compound existence. Bits and pieces come from anywhere and then they get stored in one particular container made of flesh and bones, then that container, which has etherial existence in form of souls and different spirits than the carnal desires in form of the lower self, and then your body which is made of flesh and bones.

All these ethereal and non-ethereal factors are involved. Factors are involved all these ingredients from your existence so your existence is a compound existence, not a soul existence.

Like they’re many different species of uni-cellular insects like Namibia like you know different things that are uni-cellular living cells. Then there are multi-cellular cells but when we talk about human beings – we become human beings when we have a share of different types of existence in our body. In this compound existence, which is known as human being, angelic existence also represents in our body. Then further than the angelic existence is the existence of The Divine Majesty. Further than that is the existence that’s far beyond the manifestation of the majesty of His Divine Splendour.

So if you talk about a human being, a human being is not a uni-existential being, it is a compound existential being, many different types of existence from a compound creature are known as a human being. If you talk about the soul – the soul will not represent your human structure. It’s like a team, a team is summed up of different players, there is no team which consists of only one player.

In a similar way, a human being is like a team. You have representation from The Realm of Angels (Alam-e-Malakout) because you have The Spiritual Heart (Latifa-e-Qalb), you have the representation of The Realm of Souls (Alam-e-jabrout) because you have Subtlety of The Soul (Latifa-e-Rouh). You have the representation of Alam-e-Ahdiyat because you have Subtlety of The Mind (Lataif-e-Ana) and you have Lataif-e-Nafs which is the representation of Alam-e-Nasoot.

So if you find yourself, you will never be able to find yourself in one type of existence, you, my friend are scattered around, you are everywhere.

Remember what Moula Ali said ‘You think you are a small body? No, there’s an entire universe inside you’ your disease is inside you and the remedy to that disease is inside you but you’re not aware of it.

So if you set on a journey of self-exploration what you would explore is the different type of existences, you will never be able to find you existence as one unit anywhere, like ‘oh this is my soul, this is me’ No your soul is nothing except command ‘Be’, how will you ever reach your own reality? You can’t because of you a compound existence, you not one unit. This is why God said ‘if you explore yourself wherever in you, you go you will see it belongs to God’

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