What is Noor (Divine Energy)?

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Noor can be used to make a bridge between men and God.

Noor has not been explained in accordance with the type of knowledge that we understand today. So to speak, in a scientific way, Noor has not been explained.

However, let me tell you that Noor is substantive. It is the concentrated form of energy. When energy is concentrated, it means that there are chunks of energy; when that energy is broken into pieces, the power of the energy is expanded. It is then diluted to fill a lot of different vacuums inside your souls.

Now, Noor can be used to make a bridge between men and God. This energy can also provide a connection that can hook up you on one end with humanity and on the other end with divinity.

Noor is a form of energy that has all the forms of light inside it.

It can also heal your physical organs and your spiritual organs. Your blood also carries some form of energy. That energy is not the energy of Noor, however, indirectly, the powerhouse is Noor.

Whatever form of energy you have in your body, the culmination of that energy is also Noor.

However, that will be the manifestation of the attributes of God. Whereas this Noor which is sustained in your heart as a result of the synchronisation of the word ‘Allah’ in your heartbeats is the pure form of energy. Therefore, when Noor mingles in your bloodstream, it creates a vibration. That vibration is the result of the amalgamation of two different sorts of energy; this is how you get that vibration in the body.

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