HDE Gohar Shahi is for All Humanity (Christmas Message)

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His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi loves all equally.

Some extremist Muslims say celebrating Christmas is forbidden. They are those who do not know Islam; they are those who do not know God. They are hateful people. We take pride in celebrating the happy day. We take great joy and pleasure in extending our love to the entire humanity on this auspicious day of Christmas.

When a Prophet or a Messenger was sent by God, that Messenger and Prophet had a perception of a nation. His appointment and his anointing was to guide a particular group of people. 

But His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has come into this world with the perception of humanity.

His benevolence and spiritual grace are for every single human being on Earth, whether he is a Christian, a Protestant, a Methodist, a Catholic, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Jew or somebody who doesn’t believe in any religion at all.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi loves all equally.

However, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is more inclined to those who are more inclined to love God and humanity.

Some people would, obviously, want to love God in their own capability and confine their relationship with God to themselves. They would not want to share their spiritual grace with others. But HDE Gohar Shahi is more inclined to those individuals who share HDE Gohar Shahi’s perspective. HDE Gohar Shahi’s perspective is to connect people with God equally and extend love and guidance to everybody without demanding them to enter into any commitment at all.

HDE Gohar Shahi is not for one group of people.

HDE Gohar Shahi is not for one nation of a religion; HDE Gohar Shahi is for the entire humanity.

This is not my perception; this is the divine plan. This is how God wants HDE Gohar Shahi’s perception to be for humanity. How many personalities like HDE Gohar Shahi have come into this world before? Those who came, they came for the perception of a nation, a particular group of people – but this message of love and peace is for everybody. We have had enough with different nations and identities.

According to God’s plan, God wants all human beings to have one identity: the unified humanity; unification.

You may belong to God, I may belong to Prophet Mohammad but HDE Gohar Shahi wants you to love Prophet Mohammad as much as you love Jesus and HDE Gohar Shahi wants a Muslim to respect Jesus Christ as much as he loves his own Prophet. He will want to love all that have come from God because we want to love God. Do you think you will attain God’s love by loving one prophet sent by God and not loving the other who was also sent by God?

HDE Gohar Shahi’s message is inclusiveness. HDE Gohar Shahi’s message does not exclude any group of people or nation. HDE teaches unification in everything, unification of the souls, unification of the heart and this is how you will form a universal brotherhood by connecting hearts with love, with divine energy.

It doesn’t matter you are a Muslim or a Christian or a Hindu or A Sikh. You can still be a Sikh or Christian or Catholic and revere the personalities in your religion. However, there is no harm in loving each other. There are more than 100,000 prophets and messengers but there is only one God and therefore all humanity should love that one God.

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