God’s Love, The Heart of The Bible

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The gist of the whole Bible is God's love.

The following is Younus AlGohar’s response to a viewer-submitted question on the daily online show, Sufi Online. You can watch Sufi Online every day at 10 PM BST on the ALRA TV YouTube channel.

God’s Love, The Heart of The Bible

People in Churches do talk about Jesus and seemingly they do represent Jesus, however, they are not connected to Jesus. If you want to be connected to Jesus, let me know, you don’t have to go to any Church. Jesus spoke against worship places, Jesus said: ‘How can you worship God in a building that you constructed with your own hands?’

He said, ‘You can only worship God in the temple which was constructed by God and that temple is within you, it is your heart.’ (1 Corinthians 6:13)

So bring God in your heart.

The gist of Bible, is God’s Love.

The heart of Bible is God’s Love.

In Bible, Chapter John, God said, ‘God is love and love is God. So, love your Lord, love your God with all your heart, with all your soul.’ (1 John 4:8, Luke 10:27)

These two lines are heavier than the entire Bible, but the thing is, you are directed by God to love God with all your heart and soul but you do not know how to love God. You cannot see God and you do not know where God is so how can you love God?

Love is a substance of emotions, emotions are created when there is energy, and the place of love is your heart. You love human beings with the same heart and then, in that relationship, you become a gilt. Your love is sometimes not love, most of the time it is infatuation, and sometimes it is an eruption of emotional bundle.

So, in order to love God, you need to enlighten your heart, revive the spiritual heart and when that spiritual heart is revived and enlightened with the divine energy, only then your heart is able to love God truly. You need Opening of the Spiritual Heart.

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