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As 2017 comes to a close, we reflect on the monumental year that proved to be a turning point for our mission!

By His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s grace, mercy and power, we were able to take our message to a whole host of new countries, broadcast daily live videos internationally, publish the Messiah Herald and The True Mehdi magazines and much more!

We are extremely excited about new opportunities in the coming year! Below is the compilation of our past events during this hugely successful and prosperous year.


January 06: MFI Preaches Message of Love At Croydon Town Centre!

January 15: Launch of The True Mehdi Magazine

January 17: The True Mehdi Magazine Distribution At The Pakistan High Commission And Embassy In London, England



February 01: Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald

February 03: MFI Reaches Out to Loving Souls In Tirana, Albania

February 04: Indonesian Public Embraces the Message of Divine Love!

February 27: Issue 02 of The True Mehdi Magazine



March 13: A Very Successful Exposition In Alberta, Canada!

March 14: Issue 02 of the Messiah Herald Out Now!

March 22: Our Message Inspires Thousands at The New Life Expo, NY!

March 22: We Are United Kingdom! | Westminster Attacks

March 23: Notice For MFI Members – Action Counters Terrorism

March 25: MFI Participates in The Mind, Body & Spirit Expo In Brisbane, Australia!


April 04: The True Mehdi Magazine | Issue 03 2017

April 12: Announcement: Global Peace Through Spiritual Sciences and Divine Love Programme

April 12: Happy Passover 2017

April 16: Happy Easter 2017

April 17: MFI Canada Visits Catholic Church On Easter Sunday!



May 14: A Special Message for Muslims on Ramadan by HH Younus AlGohar

May 30: The Messiah Herald Magazine | Issue 04



June 12: How Emotions Shape Up Complexes | By HH Younus AlGohar

June 16: Happy Birthday to His Holiness Younus AlGohar

June 30: The Messiah Herald | Issue 05



July 13: Propagation at the Nala Sopara Railway Station, Mumbai

July 18: Messiah Foundation UK at The Croydon Pridefest 2017!

July 27: A Miraculous Incident In Islamabad, Pakistan

July 31: The Malaysian Insight News Agency Publishes KAF Protests Against Zakir Naik


August 03: A Very Successful Day at the Southhampton Festival 2017

August 13: The Messiah Herald | Issue 07 2017



September 16: The Message of Love Spreads In Erfurt, Germany!

September 22: Messiah Foundation at the Body, Mind & Spirit Expo in Columbus, Ohio!

September 30: Upcoming: Our Events in Toronto and Mexico City



October 01: Upcoming: HH Younus AlGohar on

October 10: Messiah Foundation At The Whole Life Expo 2017 in Adelaide, Australia

October 22: Amor Universal Conference in Mexico City, 2017!

October 30: Unitarian Spiritualism Conference in Toronto, Canada 2017



November 02: Nov 3-5: MFI at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival in Birmingham

November 16: Experiences at the Birmingham Mind Body and Spirit Expo

November 17: Mission Activities in Domplatz, Erfurt, Germany

November 18: Messiah Foundation at the Annual Holistic Health Expo in Marlborough, USA

November 19: Unitarian Spiritualism: The Transcript

November 25: 25th November – Jashan-E-Riaz 2017



December 09: HH Younus AlGohar and Steve Bell Discuss Unitarian Spirituality On

December 10: ALRA TV Publicity Campaign in Mumbai, India

December 12: Happy Hanukkah 2017 from Messiah Foundation


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