Our Message Inspires Thousands at the New Life Expo, NY!

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A team from Messiah Foundation USA set up their booth in the New Life Expo at Hotel New Yorker, New York City on March 17-19. There, Messiah Foundation offered visitors free spiritual healing and granted Opening of the Spiritual Heart. The expo was attended by approximately 3000 people, who were very receptive to HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s message of Divine Love. A large number of expo-goers heard the merciful teachings of Lord Ra Riaz and were delighted to hear about the Awaited One. It has historically been a very auspicious event for us, as His Divine Eminence visited the New Life Expo at Hotel New Yorker in 1997 and delivered a mesmerising and very memorable lecture. Our booth was consistently busy throughout the three days of the expo. Many people took the Holy Scripture of His Divine Eminence “The Religion of God” for investigation purposes and personal interests.

The Expo team was overwhelmed by the positive response from the public and the exhibitors themselves. We also introduce our magazines The True Mehdi magazine and Messiah Herald to the attendees. The response was mind-blowing!

Willian Sevchunk from New Jersey came to our booth with his fiancé and took the Opening of the Spiritual Heart. He stated,

“Your group is very beneficial and cares deeply about the spiritual progress of humanity”.

Another lady Gina Angell said,

“I did alot of research after 911 about terrorism and its roots however I have never come across the information that you provided in your magazine The True Mehdi.”

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