#AskYounusAlGohar – Who Are Yazidis and Why Do ISIS Want to Kill Them?

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Clarification of misconceptions about the Yazidi people projected by Wahhabis

The following is His Holiness Younus AlGohar‘s reply to a question about Yazidis submitted to him on Twitter. Watch the complete video here.


don’t think ISIS need a reason to kill anybody. They are unreasonable creatures. They are so strange, they’re even killing Muslims. What they’re doing is not actually in the interest of the religion of Islam.

However, it is very interesting to note that it has been projected by Wahhabis and ISIS/Daesh that Yazidis are allegedly devil-worshippers. This is what has been the fast-spreading rumour. This is an allegation.

Muslims, generally speaking, do not have enough knowledge about their own religion. Even those who are known to be Islamic scholars, their grasp on the knowledge is very superficial; I can’t even call it incomplete knowledge. It is just one layer of knowledge from many thousand layers of knowledge.

There is a saying from Mevlana Rumi, ‘Half-baked a doctor is dangerous to your health. Similarly, a half-baked scholar is dangerous to your faith and understanding of the faith.’

Recently, ISIS have set 19 Yazidi women on fire. They burnt them to death and the reason was that they refused them to become their sex slaves.

What has been spread as rumours is that the Yazidis are devil-worshippers, therefore, they do not have a right to live.

If you research their religion, their faith, their belief system, you will come to know they believe in God. Yazidis do not worship the devil. Those who are putting this false blame on them will be accountable to God on the Day of Judgement.

The Yazidi belief system preexisted Islam. Wahhabis, ISIS and other terrorist groups think Yazidis are the followers of Yazid ibn Muawiya. This understanding of these people is purely based on ignorance or perhaps they have concocted a story in order to make an excuse to go after the innocent Yazidi people.

The thing is, Yazidis are allegedly devil-worshippers and they are supposedly unholy, evil people; ISIS don’t like them, so then why do they want to have sex with them?

ISIS’s claim upon which they are murdering and executing Yazidi people is based on a lie and their lust. However, in the light of the Quran, I can safely say that ISIS and Wahhabis are devil-worshippers.

There is a verse in the Quran (45:23) that says, ‘Have you not seen the man who has made his desires as his Lord?’ They’re worshipping their Nafs (The satanic Jinn who lives inside everyone).

This word Yazidi comes from ‘Izd’, which refers to God. So Yazidi means, ‘Those who believe in God’.


There are many people in this world who justify unholy and un-Islamic actions and deeds of Wahhabis and ISIS; They call it pure Islam. I understand they have this perception because they are not aware of the teachings of Islam, the true meaning of the Quran. The Quran does not ask its followers to go and kill people if they do not believe in Islam.

Whether it is Quran, Bible, Torah or Talmud, all these divine books are word of the same God. You cannot say the Quran is greater than the Bible or the Bible is greater than the Torah. The source is the same.

Unfortunately, for some reason, violence to a certain degree has always been part of every religion. If you read Bhagavad Gita of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), you’ll find out there is an element of violence; there have been wars (like Mahabharata). Then, if you read Torah, you’ll find out there have been incidents whereby violence was embraced and chosen as an answer to the uprise of disobedience from people.

The Quran is not a very easy book; it is a mysterious, sensitive book. It is not easy to grasp the meaning of the Quran without any divinely ordained mentor. Every single Tom, Dick and Harry who translates the Quran and tells us the interpretation of the Quran is an interpreter and mentor who is self-appointed and self-proclaimed. They are self-proclaimed Islamic scholars. So this interpretation is not coming from a source appointed by God.

The only true interpretation can come from a source which was ordained by God himself.

Wahhabism is not Islam. Wahhabism is not even an extreme form of Islam.

Whether or not you practise a religion, there is no such thing as extreme form of Islam or moderate form of Islam. According to the Quran (2:208), ‘Enter the religion of Islam thoroughly.’

So acting upon the directives, instructions and decree of God completely and thoroughly is what you need. If you call that extremism, it is not good. When you follow a religion very vigorously, religiously and thoroughly, you don’t become a hateful person.

Following a religion thoroughly will not incite you to kill others; what will incite you to kill others is based on your own opinion which you have declared to be part of the religion.

What is making you a hateful person, a fanatic, a terrorist, is not coming from Quran or Islam. It is coming from your own perception and understanding. If killing infidels was an order from God, then why do you preach the religion? Why not simply kill everybody? The next question is: everybody was an infidel at the time of Prophet Mohammad, why did Prophet Mohammad preach the religion of Islam? Why didn’t he kill them all? If you kill all the infidels, then nobody would have become a Muslim.

So this thought is not coming from God; it is coming from their own concocted and fabricated ideas and fantasies.

The Yazidi People and the Day of Judgement

As far as Yazidis are concerned: firstly they believe in God; they are not devil-worshippers. Even if they are devil-worshippers, who are you to punish them?

God has appointed a day, the Day of Judgement. This is when God will judge people. As long as somebody is still living, he may ask God to forgive him and God may forgive him. You cannot judge people until their file is closed and they have departed from this world. There is a time for repentance.

According to the Quran, ‘God is often forgiving.’ He can forgive anybody. He does not need permission to forgive anyone. He can forgive anybody for any number of sins, for any extreme of disobedience – because he is God.

So even if somebody is a devil-worshipper, it is between him and God. You are not qualified by God to act on behalf of God.

God has created hell and heaven; if you are punishing people here, then what about hellfire? Why do you want to judge people for God does it? God is going to judge people on the Day of Judgement; there will be witnesses, the angels. On top of everything, your actions and deeds will be presented in front of you. Your actions and deeds will speak for you. God is just; God does not use the name of religion for his personal agenda.  

[ISIS] want to rule the world and they’re using the name of Islam and the Quran. They want to fulfil their lustful desires and to do this, they call Yazidis as devil-worshippers.

No one on Earth is in a position to judge anybody.

God has appointed a time when everybody has lived his and her life, the world has come to a complete end, there is no more life on Earth or anybody else; all are summoned in the court of God. This is the time when – not any prophet, messenger or angel – only God will judge humanity. God will decide who is good and who is bad.

If you’re holding a sword, gun and pointing at people and making the excuse and saying, ‘They don’t believe in God, therefore they must be killed,’ you’re not serving the purpose of your religion. You’re actually bringing calamity upon your religion. You’re bringing a bad name for the religion.

I would like to say to the world that we respect Yazidis and we believe that they believe in God. We do not consider them to be devil-worshippers. However, even if they worshipped the devil, we wouldn’t be bothered because it is not our job to judge, persecute or execute people.

There is a day appointed by God: the Day of Judgement. God will judge them. It is up to God whether, having judged them, he wants to punish them or forgive them. If somebody is worshipping the devil, it is none of my business. This is my attitude.

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