How to Be Happy in Your Life

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Are you aligned with your destiny?

Most people do not know their purpose in life. What is meant by ‘living a dog’s life’? Animals eat, drink, pass urine and sleep to wake up. Animals do not have a religion because animals do not have a celestial purpose.


eligions are for those who wished for luxuries of the paradise in the Primordial Time. Those who wished for the luxuries of the world in the Primordial Time do not need a religion. Religions were corrupted when world-loving souls entered them; money-oriented people, money-worshippers and temporal comfort-seekers polluted the religions with their filthy mentality.

To live without a purpose is to live like an animal and you do not know what is written in your destiny.

I travel far and wide. When we travel within the United States of America, we travel a lot. Sometimes, we miss an important exit and we continue to drive on because we cannot stop on the highway. When you are driving in the wrong direction and you know that it is wrong, you develop uneasiness. That is what happens with people who have a purpose in their life but they are not moving towards their goal. Hence, they become depressed and uneasy. You must know what your destiny is. When you go in the opposite direction to what your goal is, you are not happy with yourself. You need to be happy with yourself to live happily. You need to know where your happiness lies.

How to Test Your Destiny

His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi often says, ‘Come to me. Take Izn-e-Dhikr Qalb (Invocation of the Heart) and test your destiny. If invocation of the name of God starts in your heart, then God is your destiny.’ This is how you find out your destiny. After the invocation starts in your heart, your destiny is God. You can be happy only in finding God. If you still seek worldly pleasures, comforts and luxuries after the invocation starts in your heart, then you become depressed, uneasy and frustrated. If you want to be happy with your inner man, coordinate your efforts in accordance with your destiny. This article was an excerpt from His Holiness Younus AlGohar’s speech. His Holiness Younus AlGohar is the Official Representative of Lord Ra Riaz.

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