Messiah Foundation at the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Expo in Alexandra Palace, London

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A team from Messiah Foundation UK set up their booth at the Body, Mind and Spirit Expo in Alexandra Palace, London on the 19th-21st of October. The expo had around 2000 attendees who took great interest in learning about the divine images of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi on various celestial spheres. They were keen on obtaining free spiritual healing and the Opening of the Spiritual Heart.

Our stall was extremely busy and attracted people from all walks of life. A large banner depicting the images of HDE Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus on the Moon, Sun and Holy Black Stone were also showcased at our booth. The method of the Opening of the Spiritual Heart and the revolutionary teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi were given to all who stopped by our booth. Delegates of Messiah Foundation also introduced The True Mehdi and The Messiah Herald magazines to recipients. A large number of people took HDE Gohar Shahi’s Universal Saviour Leaflets  for investigation purposes and personal interest.

2018-October-19-Expo-Alexandra Palace, London

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