The Key to World Peace

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Steve Bell explains how spirituality can revolutionise the world.

The key to eradicating hatred is enlightening the heart and filling it with divine love and divine energy.

At the moment, there is no common ground; this is what breaks communities and countries. The common ground of love is missing. The enlightenment of the heart is the very first step towards world peace and world unification. When that love is in your heart, there’s a connection there. Then those boundaries of Jews, Christians, Muslims, and etc. are broken. Everyone is going to be on the same path.

Someone said to me, ‘There’s no peace in this world. There will never be peace in this world.’ But there can be.

You can become a complete human being, which is what adopting spirituality is all about. I have been to many expos that are meant to cater to the mind, body and soul. When you enter these establishments, you will be presented with products to purchase and people who will either be telling you your future or giving a massage. It will be about the body and the crystals; it will not be about the integration of the mind, body and soul.

That can only be done through the doctrine of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, which is enlightening the heart. That’s the key to it all.

With enlightenment of the heart, light will enter. People will start to feel the change. Involuntarily, you’ll start to love.

Everybody can take love. But it’s so difficult to give and share love.

Some people probably have a similar approach to love as they do to money. When you’re spending money, you’re not going to get any money in return. So you say to yourself, ‘Let’s save it. Let’s keep it.’ But once you have this generation of love in your heart, then you will have no problem sharing love with everybody because you know that in every beat of your heart, you’re producing divine light and divine energy.

That’s the only way you can be a complete human being.

We were born with a heart but the soul of the heart is dormant.

That’s why it is so easy to be negative, have hatred and be unforgiving.

To have that love and to be able to forgive is very difficult. And that is the battle of this life.

You become a complete human being is when your heart is enlightened and you can see positive points in everybody. You can see that love and you want to share that love.

Then, you won’t want to harm anyone. If you have God’s love in you and you know that another human being is a child of God like you, it is impossible that you would take it to killing them in the name of God. People who resort to such acts do so because they are not human beings.

Such people don’t have love; that’s why they are hateful. They just have hatred.

Because they haven’t learned how to love, their hatred just keeps building.

People are becoming extremists. Extremists are coming from different cultures. We hear stories of Europeans, Canadians, Australians, etc. joining ISIS.

They are coming from all over because they have the same bond of hatred.

It has nothing to do with the culture or country.  Hatred and love – that’s what the end battle is going to be.

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