God’s Standard of Justice

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Objectively weighing in on God's system.

We have been talking about God’s system and how perfectly or imperfectly he works in mysterious ways. When God takes care of one person and rejects the other; when God makes one person perfect and leaves the other imperfect; when God guides one and leaves the other misguided; when God loves one and doesn’t allow others to love him or he them; then I begin to wonder: what is God’s standard of justice?


0 an ordinary standard of justice, what I gather is that everybody has certain rights. If somebody tries to deprive a person of their rights, then a system called justice will probe into the matter and according to the law, will evenly respect everybody, stop the oppression and stop the oppressor from depriving any person of their rights. But in order to do justice, there should be a society where people have rights and they know their rights. Everybody should know that everybody has rights.

If one person has rights and others don’t, the justice system becomes invalid.

If God was just, then all human beings should have been enjoying equal right on everything. Regarding trouble, calamity, God’s bounty, God’s compassion and God’s love, there should be equality for everybody. But we see that there are many individuals who seek God and want to love God; but God has granted everybody uneven amounts of bounty, amounts of love and amounts of his nearness. You cannot equate two individuals in terms of having the same amount of love of God and having the same nature and type of trust in God. One has to differ from the other. Is this justice?

People came to see Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and they wanted to be blessed. Their hearts were initiated. One person was able to feel that his heart could remember God about 30 000-40 000 times a day. Whenever that number was done, his heart would stop remembering God. Another individual was blessed with more intensity of Dhikr (Invocation of God’s Name): 60 000-70 000. We tried to find out the reason why this person was restricted to 30 000-40 000 times’ [remembrance] only. Did he do anything wrong? Did his heart get too tired to remember God any further? Then we found out that it is not his mistake. It is God who does not want that person to invoke his name more than he has allowed him to do.

The quality of your faith does not depend on your exertion and hard work; it totally depends on God’s will and accord.

Whether or not you will be able to see God will depend on what God wants for you, not what you want. Whether or not you will find a spiritual guide will not depend on how intensely you search for a spiritual guide; it will depend on God’s mood. Sometimes, even those who he promised to grant faith failed to find a spiritual guide. Is this justice?

Am I disrespecting God by saying what I am saying? Instead of exposing some of the concealed attributes of God, should I stay quiet and only talk about Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi? If I do not tell people that comparison between Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s bounty and God’s bounty – which is rarely seen – how will people come to understand of eminence of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi?

When we see an advert in a newspaper by any grocery store, they give you a comparison list. For example, if you want to find the cheapest place to buy a tomato, you’ll compare the prices at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morissons and so on.

If you do not compare you will never come to know who is greater and more loving.

I am not comparing Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi with God because it is impossible. I am comparing His works, attributes and claims. He claims to love human beings as much as 70 mothers can love their child.

God alone will love you with the intensity of love which can be distributed to 70 mothers on Earth. And still, he will send you to hellfire! He loves you so much but even his love cannot stop you from getting thrown into hellfire.

‘Oh, God doesn’t love sinners? Hellfire is for bad people. Hellfire is not for good people. Oh now I understand! I thought God loved everybody. But he doesn’t. He only loves good guys!’

But honestly, mothers do not discriminate between good and bad.

People often hear about these things in lectures where the scholar tells you holy stories. Do you know why people have never complained about these things? Because they never related them to themselves; they thought that these are stories and they themselves would never see God.

Religions have become mythological stories.

They openly say that God can send anybody to paradise and anybody to hellfire no matter how hard you worshipped him or how hard to tried to please him. All your worship and prayers – if he doesn’t like you – will be thrown in your face by God on the Day of Judgement.

Someone brought me a gift today. If I throw the gift back in his face because I don’t like it and he gets hurt, this is humiliation.

If God doesn’t like somebody’s worship and he will throw it in their face on the Day of Judgement, in simple words, he will humiliate them. Why? Because their worship was imperfect and impure. But the thing is: why was it impure and imperfect?

The Prophet Mohammad said, ‘If you heart is not present in worship, it is not counted as worship.’

But then again, whose fault is this? Did God expose the knowledge of spirituality to everybody, to all those who practised a religion? God concealed the knowledge of spirituality. When God has concealed the knowledge of spirituality, now without it, no worship is fruitful, pure, or perfect.

The only way of getting your worship purified is the way of spirituality.

The knowledge with the help of which people would have been able to purify their worship has been concealed. God did not give them the knowledge to purify their worship, but on the Day of Judgement, he will throw it in their face. To the level of intellect that God has bestowed on us, we gather that this is unfair.

All your life you spend half your day in the mosque. After 40 years, when you die, you think about paradise – and all you get is your worship thrown back at your face! Won’t people ask him, ‘Why? Why are you throwing the worship that I offered to you at my face?’

God would reply, ‘It was impure.’

A person could ask, ‘What is it that I did not do to make my worship perfect and pure?’

‘Oh my son, it was the knowledge of spirituality.’

‘Oh, really? Is it mentioned in the Quran?’


‘Why? We only believed the Quran is your word and encompasses all knowledge. Why was it not mentioned in the Quran, Bible or Torah? Did you tell us any other book to turn to? Did you tell us to do any extra hard work to find spiritual knowledge? No!’

Do you think this is justice?

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