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A Q&A with HH Younus AlGohar about Universal Unity Consciousness, 'The Knowledge Book' and the near future.

The following is a questions and answers sessions with His Holiness Younus AlGohar. His Holiness is the Official Representative of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

Q) What is the significance of the name ‘RA’ in the name of our Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

A) The Holy letters of RA refer to nature of love. When synchronised in the beating system of the heart, it converts human nature into the nature of love

Q) In the book written by Ms Buelent Corak, ‘The Knowledge Book,’ it says that all religions were designed to bring about the consciousness about something grander than just the human being. Prophet Mohammad and Jesus Christ with their individual mission were all about to bring about love and teach humanity about love and that we are brothers and sisters. The book speaks about Universal Unity Consciousness about also about the traditional earth religions coming to an end and the vibration of the Holy Quran having ended in 2014. Is this so?

A) Universal Unity Consciousness is a beautiful phrase and I understand that this is our aim by introducing spiritual sciences. This is like a destination. We have to go through a lot of spiritual mortification, physical austerities and rigid spiritual discipline; after all of that, we will arrive at the Universal Unity Consciousness. This is exactly what we are working on.

The awareness of love and brotherhood was initiated by Adam, was further enhanced by Abraham and Moses, and then by Jesus and Prophet Mohammad. It is very sad to see in the world that people have forgotten the universal truths [from] the message and methodology of all these great universal teachers of spirituality. The religions were the institutions in which these universal teachers carried out their academic practice. In this day and age, people are becoming monsters following religions which do not have their spiritual system intact anymore. So obviously what ‘The Knowledge Book’ has said is true and this is what we are working on: Universal Unity Consciousness for humanity. But it is going to take a lot of turmoil and internal and external labour. A lot of fixing needs to be done in terms of disciplining our Ego, our desires and then aligning our heart with our other souls. But this will begin when production of divine, positive energy starts within ourselves.

Universal Unity Consciousness is the same concept of One Great Nation (Ummat-e-Wahida). It is very interesting to know that many great universal teachers like Jesus and Prophet Mohammad addressed not just their followers and disciples, but sometimes they addressed the entire humanity.

For example, on one occasion Prophet Mohammad addressed the entire progeny of Adam and said, ‘O’ sons of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body, when it is fixed right the entire body will become right and if it is corrupted the entire body is left corrupted. Remember well: this is your heart.’

The purpose of these spiritual sciences is to gather all the loving souls at one singular point where they mingle into One Great Universal Nation. This is how Universal Unity will be established.

First of all, the consciousness of Universal Unity has to be talked about. Universal Unity must be the main point in the speakers who talk about spirituality. Then, secondly, we must come up with a methodology and practical approach towards achieving the goal of establishing Universal Unity. If we confine ourselves talking about Universal Unity Consciousness and do not have any practical approach, then by listening to lectures, we will never be able to establish Universal Unity.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘The only time when you will see Universal Unity is when all hearts of humanity are unified with Divine Love. And all hearts of humanity begin to have the same nature of divine energy, the same kind of divine name and divine phrase. When the hearts are unified, then you will see Universal Unity.’

This is why God has introduced the Religion of Love. There are many languages, religions and nations. God sent 124,000 prophets including 5 Grand Messengers; most of the prophets were not given to introduce a new religion. Most of these prophets were sent into this world in order to fix the already existing religions which were established by the Grand Messengers. So 124,000 prophets and messengers were sent by God; in total 313 religions were established. We only know about a few now, because we have been living for centuries – however, 313 religions were established and every single religion had a different approach, aim and goal.

For example, in the religion of Islam more emphasis is laid on worshipping God. The more worship you carry out, the more sincere you are in the eyes of God, as it is believed according to the Islamic faith. However in Christianity, less emphasis is laid on worship; more emphasis is laid on acquiring God’s love. So these two religions have a different approach. If one continues to believe in Christianity, another continues to believe in Islam, another continues to believe in Judaism and yet another continues to believe in Hinduism, we will never be able to establish Universal Unity.

The only way we will be able to establish Universal Unity is when the approach of humanity becomes singular. As long as it’s polar, we can never be able to achieve Universal Unity.

Secondly, your ideas and concepts have to do with your intellect, your head, your thinking and with your thought process. However love is not related to the mind; love is related to the heart. We need something which can address our hearts.

When you go to a mosque, a temple and a church and you carry out service or worship, nothing is actually addressing your heart. You need to address your heart; you need to fix your heart.

The corruption that people have in their heart needs to be fixed. When you have a problem with your [health], you need a doctor. In a similar way, you need a spiritual doctor who can fix your heart. Universal unity is directly proportional to fixing of the heart.

Obtaining Divine Love

The heart is fixed when the heart is permitted by God to be fixed.

If you want to love God, you need God’s permission. God must be aware that you want to love him.

There has to be a divine medium: a divine universal teacher who can work like a bridge between you and God, who can introduce you to God and introduce God to you in your heart. We are in the business of doing, not reading. We are in the business of dispensing practicality, methodology and a scientific approach towards getting divine proximity and divine nearness.

The problem is, we hate each other in the world today and we never went to a college which promotes hatred. Because where we have elements of love in our hearts, at the same time, we have elements of hatred. The problem is the elements of hatred are not capped; they are free. You become jealous without learning to be jealous. You become greedy without learning to be greedy. You become corrupted without learning to become corrupted. But you need to learn to love; this is your test. And you will learn to love through your heart.

The mind is not in favour of love because when you love, the mind says, ‘You are making stupid decisions.’

A famous Biblical proverb states, ‘You can’t love and be wise.’

Moulana Rumi said, ‘The moment love enters your heart, intellect leaves your mind.’

So this is a war between the heart and mind. Right now, your mind is in charge even of the affairs of your heart. For example, you love somebody and then you get a wonderful job and have to leave the country.

Your mind tells you, ‘There are so many women. I will find one and marry one; but I will never get this opportunity again.’

So your heart is run down by your mind.

In the affairs of love, you want to make sure that your heart is in charge, not your mind.

But the thing is that you mind is active – or maybe proactive – and your heart is passive because your heart is in a dormant condition since you haven’t got your heart activated. You need your heart to be activated by the universal teacher who will implant God’s name in the beating system of your heart. As a result of this spiritual internal synchronisation in the beating system, the production of divine energy will commence and will continue producing divine energy.

The more divine energy your heart produces and accumulates within, the more power and authority to love God and his creation you will have.

One day, love will be swimming in your bloodstream and you heart will be floating on the waves of love. Then you will love everybody unconditionally. When no space in you, your body, your soul or your heart is left, when your entire being is enrichingly saturated with love, when no nook and cranny in you is left inhibited with love, then you will have no other option but to love. This is the time when you will see Universal Unity becoming a dream come true.

With the mind, you are in the business of taking care of your interests. You don’t want a loss, you want benefits.

The mind will direct you towards benefits and the heart will direct you towards loss! When you win, the amount of reward you get is equal to zero, zilch, nothing. When you lose, the reward is a diamond.

Q) Will we reach this state of being – where we have our heart inform our mind and can unconditionally love all creation – in our lifetime?

A) Of course we will attain this state of being within our lifetime. The time has come and I want to tell you a Universal Spiritual Revolution will come by overnight. It won’t take more than a few hours; you would be sleeping in your cosy beds and by the morning, when you wake up Universal Unity is fixed. This will happen very soon.

Many representatives from God are operating in different religions and different organisations and giving their messages.

There are different paths, but the destination is one.

There are many people who are operating under the same banner. There is a group of people based in New Jersey; oftentimes, they send me an email of their activities. They told me that there is a meeting in which they will be discussing the possibility of another creator who is the prime creator, the King of Kings, the creator of all creators, the Great God. There are many organisations who are working for the establishment of this Universal Unity. The time will come; all the religions will submerge into the Religion of God. They are like different canals and rivers that all submerge into a mighty, mammoth ocean. In a similar way, all of these religions will submerge and mingle into a universal island of God’s love.

Q) Has this stepping up of our consciousness literally overnight happen before while we were sleeping? Apparently something like that happen in November of 1981? Is that correct? Also would you please explain about the physical embodiment of the ‘Sixes’ whose personalities are, however, kept secret?

A) A revolution is something which is totally different and it will change the course of the time; it will change the course of the universe. Revolution means a new set of beliefs, new set of discipline. Something great happens which has never taken place. So this Spiritual Revolution will come about. You mentioned that something happened in November 1981; but this was on a very limited scale. From time to time, God gives you a teaser like the teaser of a film of what is likely to happen in the future. So something similar in nature has taken place many times in history, however it was not established forever. Now this Spiritual Revolution which is about to take place in the very near future is forever, it is going to be eternal.

These sixes – the six souls are within you; you have to enlighten them and when you enlighten them, they become part of your body; you become the physical embodiment of God on earth. You need to revive them and activate them. They are within you.

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