Here's how to obtain inner peace for genuine seekers of the path.

Inner purification is not related to any religion. In order to recognise God, we must first recognise ourselves. We must recognise who we are and what the purpose of our life is. We must also become aware of our abilities and qualities.


human being is made up of many different souls; each soul has a specific function. Each soul has the ability to reach its respective realm once it is enlightened; in order for this to happen, there is no need to travel.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, ‘Some people use the practice of mesmerism, telepathy and hypnotism to absorb sunrays in order to gain spiritual power. However this practice cannot connect one with God.’

Spirituality is visualising the name of God on your heart, thus producing Divine Energy and enlightening the heart and mind. When Divine Energy enters the heart, one is connected to God. Spirituality is not related to any religion; rather, it is the enlightenment of the souls to reach their respective realms. Through spirituality, one can reach God.

The teachings of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi are the Spiritual Sciences that are accepted by all, no matter if they are religious or not. HDE Gohar Shahi has made spirituality practically and easily accessible to all.

As time is passing, the world is changing rapidly and so is the thought-process. There was a time man was running after money, built lavish homes and accumulated great wealth through fraudulent means.

Today man has everything, but not the wealth of inner peace.

‘Verily, the inner peace of the heart lies in the remembrance of God.’ – The Quran

However inner peace of all does not lie in the remembrance of God. If you are not an Enlightened Devout, then your inner peace lies in something else. Many people enjoy partying and some others feel peaceful when their business is thriving. Some people feel peace and happiness when their children are in front of them.

Only one who has the potential to be an Enlightened Devout will feel peace in the remembrance of God.

Younus AlGohar
Official Representative of the Awaited One His Divine Eminence RaRiaz Gohar Shahi - Recognised as Man of Valour and Ambassador of Peace

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