Self-Realisation is God-Realisation

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The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar’ s speech. His Holiness is the Official Representative of Lord Ra Riaz.

We’re trying to change the way people believe in religions. We are trying to change people and the way they live their lives; we are trying to change the wavelength upon which their thought-process is based.  Before we can successfully do that, we are going to try and change our own selves.

Sometimes you like others and sometimes you don’t. To criticise others is very easy. However, even if they know who they are and how bad they are, it is never easy for individuals to change themselves from bad to good. You are aware of defects in you; you are aware of any disorder in your personality, in your character. You are aware of your flaws and faults; however it is never easy to change yourself. Those who can successfully change themselves are real men.

A Tradition of the Prophet Mohammad when he said, ‘One who has recognised himself has recognised God,’ is the theme of spirituality.

Self-realisation is factually and actually God-realisation.  

Dr Allama Iqbal said, ‘Take the level of self-realisation to a degree where God recognises you.’

When you set out to explore God, you actually explore yourself. Now the question is: how do we explore ourselves? What is ‘Self-realisation’? ‘Self’ has different meanings; however, here, self means the wholeness of your being. You.

To put it into simple words, let’s assume the Self is like a house and you want to know the house. What do you want to know about the house? You want to know how many bedrooms, reception rooms, toilets and family bathrooms there are. You want to know if the bedrooms are en suite and if there is a front garden or backyard. You want to know the size of the bedrooms and how many people can stay there. You want to know whether or not there is a weather control system in the house. You want to know where the kitchen is and if the dining room is attached to the kitchen. Knowing everything about your house is ‘house-realisation.’

In a similar way, when you want know who you are, the first thing will be to know how many souls there are in your body, their functions, their reach and access to different realms. You want to know how to strengthen them and how to make every possible use of those souls and spirits in your body. If only one soul is active and the rest of the souls are in a dormant state, [you want to know] how far in God-realisation you will go and how spiritual you will [possibly become] with that one active soul. All these things are self-realisation.

If any of your souls are either dormant or diseased – knowing the fact that this disease can deprive your being of that particular soul – what measures should be taken in order to cure that soul of that disease? Knowing what your spiritual calibre and level of spirituality is and then, with that level of spirituality, where in the spiritual world you will access and how far in loving God you will progress – this all depends on how well you know yourself.

Now, you don’t even know how many souls in your body are actually active and how many are not active. You want to know yourself but there is a barrier; a complete blackout. 

Self-realisation is not possible without a Universal Spiritual Guide. All you know right now is what you can see in a mirror. That’s all you know about yourself. What is inside you is hidden from you and only God has the keys.

There are keys in spirituality. With those keys, you activate your soul and then reach its realm when the soul is strong enough to fly. For example, your heart is active, it is strong and it is now able to perform a spiritual journey – so with the help of the heart, you will reach its respective realm in spirituality. When you visit that realm, a new door of secrets will open upon you. A new door of realization opens up in you and you begin to know more of your abilities, capabilities and spiritual calibre. Then you will be triggered into activating your other souls as well. Then with another soul, you will have more access into the spiritual realm; you will know more of yourself.

You will feel satisfied and special that you had this ability in you [all along] but you were not aware of this; but now, since the activation of the soul has taken place, access of that spiritual realm has been given to you. You will be proud of yourself. Then with another soul activated you will have more access in spirituality and you will reach more realms in spirituality. Then you will realise, ‘Oh, I have another key.’ With the help of this key, you will progress further in spirituality.

This is how you will arrive at the station of God one day, when all your souls are activated. You will arrive at the Station of God-Seeing; the Station of Union where your being and the supreme being of God will mingle into each other in such a spiritual chemistry that there will be no mark of distinction between the two.

This is the Stage of Union. When you have obtained union with God, you become the embodiment of God on Earth. Thereafter, sitting with such an individual is spiritually equal to sitting with God. Talking to such an individual is equal to talking with God. This is because that person has the presence of God in him and God speaks through his mouth. God can see people through his eyes. When he is walking, it is like God is walking on two legs. This is self-realisation.

Younus AlGohar
Official Representative of the Awaited One His Divine Eminence RaRiaz Gohar Shahi - Recognised as Man of Valour and Ambassador of Peace

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