The Messiah Herald and The True Mehdi Distribution in Croydon Town Centre!

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On the 18th of January, 2018, a team from Messiah Foundation UK set out to Croydon Town Centre in Surrey to distribute the Messiah Herald and The True Mehdi (monthly publications by Messiah Foundation) Issues 1 and 2 to the public. Our team members scattered in various parts of Croydon’s premier shopping destination, Centrale & Whitgift Centre, to hand out the literature.

People of all walks of life were given the magazines bearing key articles on spirituality, the Messiah and the awaited Imam Mehdi. People were fascinated by the premises of the magazines and were eager to take them home. One person visiting the shopping centre said,
‘I can’t believe I have never heard of this before, this knowledge is really something special. I am very excited to go home and delve into these pages.’
In a nutshell, the team was overjoyed by the positive response given from the residents of Croydon and will continue the mission activities here on a regular basis.

2018-January-18-MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTION-Messiah Herald and The True Mehdi Magazine Distribution in Croydon Town Centre

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