Messiah Foundation Canada at the Body Soul and Spirit Expo

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rom the 24th to the 26th of April, a team from Messiah Foundation Canada participated in the Body Soul and Spirit Expo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The following is the report written by Mr Ikhlaq of Messiah Foundation Canada.

The response was very encouraging from the visitors. Many people received free spiritual healing and Invocation of the Heart. They appreciated our mission of love and peace; plenty said that the message we are promoting is what humanity needs. Local media also visited the expo and took pictures of our activities. Many people told us that they felt very moved looking at the images on the Moon and Holy Black Stone even before they were told about the significance of these Divine Signs. People were intrigued by the sacred book The Religion of God (Divine Love) and were given copies to take home. Overall this trip was extremely successful and we’re excited for the next one!

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A non-religious organisation aiming to raise awareness of the spiritual sciences, the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ and the advent of the Awaited One.

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