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Is there anything beyond God?

The following is His Holiness Younus AlGohar’s reply to Zayn Malik, a mathematician in Luxemburg. He asked a question concerning the ‘notion of Rab al Arbab’ and why he had only heard about it from HH Younus AlGohar.


his is not a notion; this is the hardcore truth. You did not hear about this before you heard it from me, for a number of reasons.

Number 1: you didn’t hear of this from anybody because nobody was aware of this. I have spoken on this subject profusely and generously; I cannot repeat everything that I said in relation to this topic. However, I can give you a brief summary.

God created this universe wherein we are living now. In addition to this solar system, there are higher realms. We have heard of these higher realms. A common man has not witnessed the existence of these higher realms. [They] cannot be witnessed physically because these higher realms are beyond the grasp of a physical eye. Some of these realms are inhabited by angels and some others are inhabited by greater angels.

The soul that we have in our body is alien to this world.

This soul belongs to a realm known as Alam-e-Jabrut. Before you are born into this world, Alam-e-Jabrut is the place where your soul comes from. There are two different sections: one section is for the souls that are waiting for their entry into this world. The other section is for the souls that have already been to this world. This section which is for the departed souls [also] consists of two different sections: Illiyeen and Sijjiyeen.

In a similar way, there is another soul in our body which rests on the fleshy heart. This soul is responsible for establishing a connection with God. You are connected with God only when this soul is awakened, has been nurtured spiritually, has been activated spiritually and God’s name and God’s light have been granted to this soul.

Prophet Mohammad (saw) was invited by God to witness God’s existence and to witness his grandeur and splendour. This incident is narrated in the Quran; it has been referred to as the Night of Ascension (Laila tul Mehraaj). On that night, Prophet Mohammad was offered to have a look around the area where God sits and performs all his divine duties. Prophet Mohammad was very happy; he hugged God and he was in direct conversation with God. This was a meeting face to face, in person with God. But towards the end of this meeting, Prophet Mohammad requested God to grant him some extra knowledge which he felt he lacks – even after he was able to see God, even after what was going to happen in the next 1400 years was revealed onto his heart.

He still thought, ‘This knowledge is not enough; something is still in [the] dark.’ He must have seen something which caused Prophet Mohammad to ask for further knowledge.

Prophet Mohammad said to God, ‘Oh my lord, increase in me this knowledge.’

Now the question is: the most obscure thing is God. If you have seen God, then there is nothing more secretive than the face of God, than the existence of God.

When you have seen God – do you think something is more important than God which is still in obscurity and has not been revealed? Nothing. However, having seen God, having been blessed with whatever power was delegated to the Prophet Mohammad by God on that night, he still felt he lacked some knowledge.

I do not know how he managed to feel that something was missing, but he said that.

After what Prophet Mohammad’s wife, Aisha, said in relation to what happened on the Night of Ascension (she totally rejected the possibility of Prophet Mohammad seeing God), people in the religion of Islam do not talk about the possibility of seeing God.

However, some Sufis who acquired knowledge of this special, divine doctrine were able to see God.

You see, the mainstream Islam doesn’t talk about it, therefore those who practise the orthodox side of the religion don’t usually take into account what is narrated by Sufis. They think Sufis live in their own world and were maybe hallucinating or [what they say] is a concocted story. Most Muslims do not believe in spirituality or the esoteric knowledge.

However, some of these Sufis said that when they saw God for the first time, he was sitting on his throne, which is like an armchair. Some of these Qalandars – like Bu Ali Shah Qalandar – were able to see God.

Bu Ali Shah Qalandar said, ‘When I was there one day, I came ahead of time, so I arrived at the empyrean of God before the time that God allocated for me for this meeting.’ He was early. When he arrived there, he said, ‘God’s chair was empty; he was not there.’ So he sat there and he waited for God. Then, later on, what he saw was that God was walking from behind a black, dark, fog – smoke. He appeared and he was coming forward. He came forward and sat in that chair. Bu Ali Shah Qalandar asked him, ‘Where are you coming from?’ God smiled and dismissed the question without answering him.

Maybe this was the case [with Prophet Mohammad]. Prophet Mohammad must have seen God coming to his chair from somewhere else. He must have asked him, ‘Where are you coming from?’ Prophet Mohammad was really cultured, well-mannered and he was on the most sublime character offered to him by God (Khulq-un-Azeem). He was not a casual guy like Bu Ali Shah Qalander; Prophet Mohammad was very well behaved and the top of that, he was so nice, innocent, kind and compassionate. So Prophet Mohammad did not ask God in bold wordings; his words were really beautiful. Prophet Mohammad [did not take a] direct approach to asking God where is he coming from; he simply said, ‘I want you to please increase in my knowledge.’

Now, according to the references found in Ahadith we only know what Prophet Mohammad said; there is no account of whether God also replied to this question. All these happenings and questions suggest that there is something behind that area where God usually sits and he enters into a two-way conversation with his saints, with Prophet Mohammad.

But for the first time in human history, His Divine Emiennce Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi spoke on this subject. When HDE Gohar Shahi talked about it, HDE was not done with what He was trying to explain to people [when] someone got an idea. [They said], ‘Maybe there is a room behind that area from where God comes. And in that room divine concubines live there, massaging God’s feet and allowing God to indulge with those divine beauties there.’ However, the Lord did not say yes and did not say no. It is not verified whether there is a room, but I can definitely tell you: there is a door.

Nothingness and the Unseen World

That door opens into Nothingness (Adm).

People talked about Nothingness and they wrote books. They said so many things explaining what Nothingness is. I didn’t understand a single word. However, I can tell you what nothingness is.

Nothingness obviously does not include God. Nothingness is for creation. There is no makhlooq (creation) – no animals: flies, donkeys, elephants, horses, pigs, etc. There are no Jamadi Rouh (mineral souls), Samawi Rouh (celestial souls), nothing; only God or God-alike.

That door opens into nothingness and there is a buffer zone.

There is a buffer zone between two countries; in a similar way, there is a buffer zone between the Line of Nothingness and the threshold of the Unseen World.

There is an Unseen World after the Line of Nothingness. In that Unseen World lives 35 million individuals and this God is one of them.

In that Unseen World lives 35 million individuals; this God who created this entire universe is one of them – when I say the entire cosmos, it simply means the area before the Line of Nothingness. The Line of Nothingness means that’s it; after this line, nothing belongs to God.

He is Malik, he is Khaliq, he is the owner and he is the in charge, the man in control of the area which is ending at the Line of Nothingness. Up to that line, he is the owner and he can run the show the way he wants to.

However, after the Line of Nothingness, nothing at all belongs to him. At the threshold of the Unseen World is the line that separates the property of God from the property of Rab al Arbab (The Grand God).

That Unseen World is inhabited by 35 million individuals. All these 35 million individuals are equal of God in might and right.

In that World of the Unseen, the Grand God, Rab al Arbab granted to each of 35 million individuals a place so mammoth, a land so big, HDE Lord Ra Riaz said, ‘That if the entire universe is put in that land, you won’t even trace it.’

Each individual was given so much property.

Here, some of you are greater than the others, some of you are richer than the others and some of you are poorer than the others; but in that realm, equality is the first condition.

Nobody is weaker than the other, nobody is stronger than the others and nobody is greater than the other. Allahu Akbar (The slogan, ‘God is great!’) ends at the Line of Nothingness. After the Line of Nothingness only Allah (God) remains, Akbar (Greatness) is dead.

The one who created 35 million individuals, the one who created them is all, is the Grand God. We have come to know of the fact that the Grand God has taken guise of HDE Gohar Shahi and is walking on his feet on this land in a human example – talking, walking, eating and sleeping.

You cannot measure the intensity of HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s bounty that he has bestowed upon us in the form of granting us His association. We can’t even say, ‘We are so lucky,’ because this is far greater than good luck. This thing is far greater than fate and luck.

You don’t get to know HDE Gohar Shahi by fate and luck.

How did this God happen to become Illah (Creator)?

This is the question. Everybody was living in peace, utter harmony, equality and in love and friendship. There was no problem; there was no killing, no beheading. There was no religion, nothing. Then how come one of these individuals happened to be a creator of this universe and of these human beings?

Is he the only one who was permitted, allowed or sanctioned to be in power of becoming a creator? Or is there any possibility of whether, besides him, there were some more individuals who might have been delegated to possess the power of Command Be? Who knows?

When you are living inside this universe and you have no access to the external existence – when you cannot leave this universe – obviously God can say anything and you will have to believe everything. You have no choice.

You have been imprisoned by the limitations set on you by your creator.

How would you ever come to know of the possibility of many other creators that may exist outside this universe?

For example, some from the United Kingdom went to the United States for the first time with us. He went to a pharmacy and he saw that the pharmacy was so big and it had a drive-through. He was so excited and called his wife and said, ‘Look! This pharmacy has a drive-through; you don’t even come out here from the car. You just order the medicine and they give it to you by your window.’

Because we never had that kind of pharmacy in England, the first time he went to the United States and he saw it, he was really amazed. Had he not been to the United States, he would have never thought that there would be a pharmacy which would have a drive-through.

The fact that there are pharmacies in this world that have a drive-through service – he came to know of this when he went to the United States. If he hadn’t been to the United States, he would never come to know this.

In a similar way, you have never been out of this universe; how would you come to know what is Rab al Arbab (the Grand God)?

It is very simple to say, ‘Oh, you have never been out of this universe,’ [but] how?

Is it easy? Do you know the distance between one ending of the universe and the other? No. You are living on Planet Earth. There are so many planets: the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn etc. and there is a Milky Way and then galaxies – all this is just one solar system.

On top of this solar system is another: Alam-e-Malakout is also a solar system. Then, there is another one: Alam-e-Jabrut and it has its Milky Way, galaxies and different planets. For example, these seven heavens and seven hells – do you think these are buildings or like gardens? No. One paradise is one planet and they are floating in the space like these planets are floating in the space.

God created six different realms and the seventh is the human being himself. You can’t go out of this universe; the only way out is through one of the individuals who live there.

If some individual from the Community of God wants you to be there, then for this purpose he will have to come into this world in a human form.

He will come here in a human form and he will blend your soul with his. In the process of that fusion and blending, you will lose your identity. In and out, you will be like the one who has blended your soul with his. This is how you will exit this universe. This is how you will be able to jump over the Line of Nothingness.

Now, this is not just a story. I have been to the Unseen World. I may have been hallucinating, I may have been hypnotised or mesmerised – but that’s what people say when someone says, ‘I’ve seen God.’

HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s intelligence is so clever. In the first instance, He enabled our souls to see and witness the souls of prophets. And then God. And then He manifested His splendour before me. Now, if that is hyponotism, if that is mesmerism, then seeing Prophet Mohammad and seeing God was also mesmerism.

In the first instance, my soul was able to see Prophet Mohammad and then God. On the same wavelength, I was offered to look at the beauty of the Lord.

I have been to the Unseen World. I have met many of those 35 million individuals. I have seen God; I have been to the Unseen World, inside out. I have been to that area which is supposedly the headquarters of the Unseen World: Riaz ul Jannah. I have seen those individuals prostrating to HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. I have seen some acts of the power of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi – unmatchable power.

So this is how I believe HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is Rab al Arbab, the Grand God.

Younus AlGohar
Official Representative of the Awaited One His Divine Eminence RaRiaz Gohar Shahi - Recognised as Man of Valour and Ambassador of Peace

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