Ban Wahhabism in Your Country!

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Wahhabism is a threat to every single peace-loving citizen of the world. It is an intolerant sect that is incompatible with free societies. It is the ideology of terrorist groups like ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Wahhabism is sponsored by Saudi Arabia. With the help of Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic, moral and financial support, Wahhabism has infiltrated Western countries all over the world.

It is a blatant form of hate preaching that incites violence among its followers against the West.

It is used to radicalise young vulnerable people in Western countries, due to which we have now seen an unprecedented rise in homegrown terrorism.

HH Younus AlGohar, CEO of Messiah Foundation International, asserts,

Wahhabi mosques are factories of terrorism.’

As long as Wahhabism is allowed to be preached and practised in any country, incidents of homegrown terrorism will continue to happen.

Fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq will not benefit Western countries if they do not focus on rooting out the ideology producing homegrown terrorists.

In light of recent terrorist attacks, Messiah Foundation International calls upon the citizens of the United Kingdom, United States of America, Pakistan and India to urge their respective governments to ban Wahhabism before it is too late!

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To David Cameron: Ban Wahhabism in the UK


To Barack Obama: Ban Wahhabism in the USA


To Narendra Modi: Ban Wahhabism in India

To General Raheel Sharif: Ban Wahhabism in Pakistan

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